Decker Family Cabin

–Photographed 2015 by David Walton

Decker CabinView inside Decker CabinJView inside Decker CabinView inside Decker CabinDetail inside Decker CabinCabin by Decker Family

This cabin was erected by the families of Zechariah (Zachariah) Decker, Sr., and his four sons, Zechariah, Jr., both in the initial exploration party, in the Hole in the Rock company, as well as James B., Cornelius I, and Nathaniel A. were also called to settle San Juan County. They quickly responded to the assignment.
As the expedition started in November, the pioneers were confident that the trek would only take about six weeks. Because of this, James and his wife, Anna, were not afraid to leave while Anna was seven months pregnant. On January 3, 1880 Anna gave birth to a baby girl in the harsh frontier weather at Fifty Mile Spring. Since the expedition was over a hundred miles away from a doctor, they had to improvise. The couple’s wagon box was lifted off of the axel and placed on the ground, providing a crude shelter from the elements. James then packed snow around the outside of the wagon box to provide even more insulation. In this dismantled wagon, and without the aid of a midwife, Anna gave birth to their third child. They named her Lena Deseret to mark the fact that she had literally been born in the desert of Deseret.
The Deckers, Zachariah, Jr., Nathaniel A., and Corneliue moved on to Colorado and Arizona. James B. remained in Bluff and became its first sheriff, a volunteer assignment.
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