Thales Haskell Cabin

–Photographed 2015 by David Walton

Thales Haskell CabinThales Haskell Cabin interiorThales Haskell Cabin interiorThales Haskell Cabin interiorThales Haskell Family

Thales Haskell was called as a missionary to the Indians of the southwest, the Hopi, and Navajo, among others. He was living among the Hopi, when the original exploration party was seeking the best route to the San Juan, two families of which were left at Montezuma to establish a foothold. Some time later, a rumor circulated that the two families had been murdered. Church leaders sent Thales to investigate, and recover the remains, if possible. To his relief, he found the two families unharmed, though suffering from a severe shortage of food. He gave them what supplies he could before returning home again.
In 1881, after the main body of Hole-in-the-Rock pioneers had established the settlement of Bluff, Thales again received a letter from Elder Erastus Snow calling him to assist the Bluff settlers in their endeavors to establish peaceful relations with the local Indians. Obediently, Thales moved his family to the San Juan country, first building a small home near the Davis’ family in Montezuma. Eventually he moved to Bluff where he felt his family would be more protected while he was away from home. During this time, Thales was instrumental in helping the settlers interface with their Indian neighbors. In particular, he was often called upon by Bishop Jens Nielson to aid the settlers in retrieving stolen livestock.

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