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San Juan Pioneer Biographical Sketches listed by head of household
Please submit your biographical sketches, photos, and inspiring stories of anyone who came to Bluff or Montezuma
Fort between 1879 and 1899. Additional photos, text, information and corrections for existing sketches are encuraged.

James Adams Biography
Adams, James


Danielson Barney Biography
Barney, Danielson


Amasa M. Barton Biography
Barton, Amasa M.


Joseph & Harriet Barton Biography
Barton, Joseph & Harriet


Elizabeth Davis Biography
Davis, Elizabeth


James Decker and Anna Mickelson Biography
Decker, James


Zechariah Bruyn Decker Sr. Biography
Decker, Zechariah Sr.


Zechariah Decker Jr. Biography
Decker, Zechariah Jr.


Lafayette Guymon Biography
Guymon, Lafayette


Caleb Haight Biography
Haight, Caleb


Isaac Haight Biography
Haight, Isaac


Thales Haskell Biography
Haskell, Thales


George B. Hobbs Biography
Hobbs, George B.


Henry and Sarah Holyoak Biography
Holyoak, Henry and Sarah


William W. Hutchings Biography
Hutchings, William W.


 Kumen I. Jones Biography.
Jones, Kumen I.


Mons Larson Biography
Larson, Mons


James Lewis Biography
Lewis, James


George Lewis Biography
Lewis, George


 Platte D. Lyman Biography
Lyman, Platte D.


Walter Lyman Biography
Lyman, Walter


Samuel Mackelprang Biography
Mackelprang, Samuel


Peter & Harriet Mickelson Biography
Mickelson, Peter


George Drury Morrill Biography
George D. Morrill


George Perkins Biography
Perkins, George


Benamin Perkins Biography
Perkins, Benjamin


James Monroe Redd Biography
Redd, James Monroe


Lemuel Redd Sr. Biography
Redd, Lemuel Sr.


Lemuel and Eliza Redd Jr Biography
Redd, Lemuel Jr.


James and Sarah Ipson Riley Biography Riley, James


Joseph S. Smith Biography
Smith, Joseph Stanford


Silas S. Smith Biography
Smith, Silas S.


Roswell Stevens Jr. Biography
Stevens, Roswell Jr.


Walter Stevens Biography
Stevens, Walter




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